The History of Day Nursery Association

The Day Nursery Association has been in existence since 1909 when it was founded by the College Club of Scranton. This civic minded group opened the Day Nursery in two rooms in the basement of the old Dickson Residence at 330 Washington Ave., next to the Albright Library, now the present site of the Scranton Cultural Center. The Nursery grew rapidly and soon it was necessary to begin the search for additional space.

 Architectural drawing of the Day Nursery Association building

The Nursery moved to the Benjamin Throop Home located at 345 Wyoming Ave. This additional space was put to immediate use to care for more children. During the flu epidemic of 1918, the Day Nursery cared for record numbers of children and became a temporary hospital to care for the large number of ill children and adults. Shortly after the flu epidemic, the Nursery moved to 2238-240 Adams Ave.

Although the College Club was still the primary means of financial support for the Nursery in 1921, the cost of running the Nursery was too great for their organization. In July 1921, the Day Nursery obtained its charter and became the Day Nursery Association. Funding was received from contributors and the Poor Board.

As the Day Nursery grew through the 1960’s and the 1970’s, again there was the need to expand because of the increasing demand for child care. In 1980, the third expansion project was completed with addition a third classroom and the further renovation of the original building.

As the Day Nursery continued its growth into the 1980’s, the building was modernized with new mechanical systems, a van was purchased for transporting children to/from school, new supplies and equipment were purchased for classrooms. In addition, the mortgage was retired in June 1989, making Day Nursery Association debt free.

Day Nursery Association of Scranton, Pennsylvania is one of the fifty oldest continually operating child care centers in the country. Established in 1909, Day Nursery has a rich history and tradition of growing and adapting to meet the ever changing needs of our community. As in the past, Day Nursery Association will continue to meet the many challenges of providing quality and affordable child care to children because of its dedicated Board of Directors, committed staff and the continued support of many individuals and groups in our local community.