Our Staff

Our teaching staff go through a rigouruous screening and interview process before they are hired. Applicants take part in a minimum of two interviews, including classroom observation and assessments. All applicants must have a current health assessment including a TB screen prior to employment, as well as several background checks and character references. Additionally, all of our teaching staff keeps current CPR and First Aid certifications. All staff are expected to take 27 hours of relevant early childhood education courses annually to help them enhance their thinking and practice in various areas of child development. All staff are expected to adhere to the NAEYC Code of Ethics, which provides a set of core values and ideals shared by early childhood educators in their professional relationships with children, families, colleagues, and society. The Code of Ethics also offers guidelines for professional behavior when addressing the ethical dilemmas that occur in early childhood care and education.

All classroom teaching teams are comprised of: the head teacher, and assistant teacher, and an aide (when necessary) to fulfill all Department of Public Welfare, NAYEC, and Keystone STARS criteria.